Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Wrapper Set

I have spent the last few days creating this mini wrapper set. It has 4 different wrappers. A wrapper to fit around a 4.5 oz candy bar, a wrapper to fit a 1.55 oz candy bar, a sucker cover and a cake slice box. I like this set because it can work for a boy or a girl.
I still plan to put up free wrappers throughout the year. I create some of my own graphics, but I also buy them as well. So to help offset the price of the graphics I buy to create wrappers for you to use I will sale the set for $1.00. I love creating and sharing. I have some fun things I am working on for Christmas already. :)

The same conditions of use apply to these wrappers as the other ones I have shared in the past. You can print out, sale and use them as much as you want. I just ask that you don't share the digital files with anyone. Also if there is ever another wrapper you would like me to make to go along with this set just email me and I will see what I can get together for you.

Once you have placed your order please give me 24 hours to email you with the digital files. I do check my account throughout the day so hopefully it won't take that long to get them to you. I will email them to the address that you use for your paypal unless stated differently in the comment section when you checkout.

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LyndiLou said...

YAY for wrappers! :) These are super cute! Thanks for making them... I'm such a fan!